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A blog that focuses on animanga, but sometimes I reblog drama cds, seiyuu and random posts. I am also a fan of EXO, so I sometimes reblog about them. I couldn't be bothered to make a sideblog so yeah. I sometimes liveblog about manga and reblog nsfw art kbai
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Okay, before I start, I strike out a line out of the rules because I’m supposed to be on hiatus so to tag 25 people and wait for them to tag me requires me to go on tumblr a lot and I don’t have time for that.But I don’t hate being tagged though huehuehue

Also, to madelide! Thanks for tagging me and I’m glad I decided to open my tumblr this week, or I might miss it! (ALSO YES I READ THE LATEST CHAPTER OF KDAD THANKS FOR GIVING ME A HEADS UP I’VE BEEN SO BUSY LATELY OH GOSH I’M SO GLAD I OPENED MY TUMBLR THIS WEEK OMG KAICHOUUUU)

Okay, let’s begin!

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